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In response to the urgent need for an animation to convey the essence of Cintra Groups—a leading tech company specializing in payroll software—our team at Gawk Studio sprang into action.

With a mere 9-day deadline looming, we embraced the challenge with enthusiasm, recognizing the opportunity for innovation within constraints. Leveraging our expertise in rapid turnaround projects, we devised a strategy to deliver a compelling animation promo using 2D vector design.

Central to our concept was the creation of a relatable character representing a typical Cintra Groups user persona, embarking on a transformative journey while embracing Cintra Groups' payroll solutions. Throughout the animation, we intricately embedded the Cintra Groups brand identity—from the vibrant color palette to the distinct iconography—ensuring strong brand recognition and resonance.

Despite the accelerated timeline, we remained committed to maintaining the quality and effectiveness of the messaging. Our streamlined animation process, encompassing scripting, moodboards, storyboards, voiceover, animation, and sound design, enabled us to deliver a captivating and informative piece within the stipulated timeframe.

The result was an impactful and evergreen marketing asset that not only met the client's expectations but also served as a testament to our ability to deliver excellence under pressure.

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