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Company History

Gawk Studio collaborated with CPL to create a 3d animation showcasing their remarkable journey of success in the Vehicle conversion sector.

With CPL boasting an extensive range of products, we traveled to CPL HQ to gather firsthand insights and character references. This personal touch ensured our models captured the essence of the CPL team.

The animation unfolds in a vibrant 3D town, meticulously crafted to inhabit both characters and vehicles. We aimed for a bright and lively tone, interspersed with moments of humor and charm to engage the audience.

The production process involved script writing, style boards, storyboards, and meticulous asset/model production. As the animation took shape, sound design added the final layer of immersion, bringing CPL's story to life in a captivating 6-minute narrative.

We relished the opportunity to infuse the animation with humor and charm, turning CPL's story into a memorable 3d animation.

More of our work

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