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Gawk Studio collaborated with VTG to unveil the innovative features of their cutting-edge iWagon.

Our team meticulously crafted detailed 3D models of the iWagon, leveraging drawings and photographs to ensure precision and accuracy in every aspect. Through CGI modeling, we provided an immersive exploration of the product, showcasing its internal structure and functionality with infographic overlays.

Close-up shots and intricate details were employed to underscore the premium quality and craftsmanship of the iWagon, capturing the attention of potential customers.

To maximise the product's visibility and impact, we strategically integrated the animation across VTG's official website and social media platforms, bolstering its online presence and engagement.

This project exemplifies our commitment to excellence and innovation, pushing the boundaries of CGI animation to deliver captivating, informative, and persuasive content. We take immense pride in our collaboration with VTG, showcasing our dedication to elevating brands and exceeding expectations in the realm of animation.

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